Trauma is part of life. Everyone will experience some sort of trauma or upsetting experience in their life.

Loss of a love one

Loss of a pet

Being lost in a supermarket

Falling over

Falling off your bike

Not getting what you want

The boy or girl not fancying you back

Not getting the job , losing a job

Relationships break ups.

You may have also experienced other extreme traumatic events


Rejection as a child

Sexual assault

Sexual abuse

Domestic violence

Your parents separating

Vehicle accident

Sports injury


Fighting / arguments



Traumatic events can be very confusing especially depending on the age it happened. The symptoms of trauma can be shown in a number of ways.




Panic attacks



Mood swings






Addictions – food, drink, over spending, sex, Smoking , drugs

Avoidance of events or people.

The most confusing thing of all this, is the fact they may of happened many years ago but you are still feeling the effects of them now. Today.

Is this you ? Can you relate to any of the above?

When upsetting events happen it can be like on a continuous loop. You are stuck, repeating and not having closure. The why, why ,why going round in your head. Or the numbness of being cold and unemotional. This can have a huge impact on your time and the people around you.

Pills are not always the answer – they help you numb and trigger happy chemicals which are false but they do not allow you to close the chapter and move on.

I want to ask you to do something , right now.

If you have experienced any of the events above and they are causing you upset today . I want you right now , at this moment, to reach out and touch that event . Physically touch, not emotionally, physically.

You can’t

Not physically

You can run pictures and movies in your head, on a continuous loop but right now all you have around you, is your phone, iPad, or computer that is allowing you to read this. As right now you are reading this not experiencing the event from the past.

That makes your past an illusion. And you can not predict the future. All you have is the here and now.

Your choice is what you choose to do with your time.

Live in the past

Rush,panic, and try to Control your future

or live in the here and now.

Which one do you want ?

If you would like any other information or would like to truly let go of past experiences. I know I can help.

Message me for more information

Jacquie ❤️🙏

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