The Most Powerful Words That You Will Ever Hear Are The Words You Say To Yourself.

As I have explained in previous videos. If you can image your mind as a big computer. It records everything and anything that happens in your life. Including the words you are saying to yourself.

On a scale of 1-10 How kind are you to yourself ?

1 – l am not very nice about myself, I can be very judgemental

10 – I love myself and only say kind things

Where would you sit ?

Think about when you look at yourself in a mirror,

what words do you say ?

Your mind does not understand I Can’t and I Can.

It will give you what you are asking for.

It is also designed to protect you. It will look for pleasure over pain any day.

Let me give you an example.

If you are watching your weight and on a ‘diet’ this is when you are giving your mind tons of Mixed Messages.

You say – I am going to be good , I am not going to eat cakes, chocolates, crisps or sweets

So you say I can’t have cake, sweets,crisps, Chocolate.

The mind does not understand I can’t , it just brings up a pictures of the item you are thinking of. Then it searches in your memory for the last time you had that experience.

It Then computes, did it bring you pain or did it bring you pleasure the last time.

All your senses, taste, smell, emotions go into overdrive and jump into action and search for the result .

As we all know cakes, sweet, crisps and Chocolate gives you pleasure while eating them. So the mind goes YES HAVE IT! and before you know it is in your mouth 😛

It is not until afterward you then start to feel disappointed in yourself.

What words do you say to yourself then? 🥺

The high and lows of ‘Dieting’ .

That is why Diets Do Not Work .

Stoping cravings, habits and beliefs is about changing your mindset and messages about food.

Another example

Expectation you put on yourself or another person.

When you set unrealistic expectations of yourself you give yourself such a hard time when not achieved. Self sabotaging talk starts.

“I am not good enough” “I am a Failure”

Break down your expectations, be realistic, set smaller goals to achieve for the bigger picture. It is very rewarding when you achieve even small wins, working toward the desired outcome.


Be kind to yourself , even if you do not believe it.

If you keep repeating positive words sooner or later your Mind will take over and give you what you are asking for.

As The Most Powerful Words That You Will Ever Hear Are The Words You Say To Yourself.

Jacquie Case 🙏❤️

Personal Trainer But For The Mind – As Your Mental Health Is As Important As Your Physical Health.

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